Friday, June 12, 2009

Caterpillars On My Walls!

My boys' rooms are very bright... I know. They picked the colors for the most part.

Today I got the little vinyl stickers for my walls from Lewa's Designs. Let me just say... they are SOOOO cute and they really are so simple to put on your wall. I wasn't sure how they really stuck to the wall or how you got them all on without moving them about. It was SO simple. You just peel away some paper, stick it to the wall, rub it a bit, let it sit there for a little while and peel off the tape and VVVWWWAAALLLLAAAA! It is on the wall. She has an Etsy Shop where you can check them out. I want to order more now that I see how cute they are.

This is V's. It is on the shelf that goes around the top of his room. That's where he wanted it.
Sorry for the bad pictures. I was taking them as the boys were going to bed, so I can't go re-take.

And this is G's with a close-up below. I'd love to do about 6 more across that line. He's big into bugs, aliens, owls, creepy animals of any sort. LOL! They both really loved the little caterpillars. They are everywhere outside, so they are appropriate at this time of year. They always want to bring them in the house, so now they have their very own that can come INSIDE!

I hope you'll go check them out. And, Mom, if you see this, I have a wishlist! :-)



I want it all ~ said...

Owwwn, that's cute!
I liked it!
I didn't understand some word, 'cause I'm a brazilian girl.
So, I'll wait for you on my blog, ok?
Kisses for u :*

scrappysue said...

what fun bedrooms your boys have! thanks for stopping by!

Queenie Jeannie said...


You have such a cute blog - love everything!!!!

Janine said...

OH, those are such cute caterpillars! I'm sure glad they didn't pick spiders! I'm going to go check that site out right now!

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